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Teaching Diverse Learners.

Scaffolding Instruction


When all students in a classroom are required to read a grade-level book, teachers must make decisions about how to support the struggling readers and how to challenge the strongest readers. The basic framework for a reading lesson involves three components: before reading, during reading, and after reading. Think about a grade-level text you teach to all of your students. What do you want to teach during each phase of the instructional framework? Complete the Lesson Plan Chart (PDF), indicating how you will scaffold student learning during each phase of the instructional framework. An example is provided. When you have finished, answer the questions below. Save your written work to submit as an assignment.

When you have completed the chart, write your answers to these questions:

    1. What did you learn about helping students become independent learners within a whole-class setting?
    2. What component of reading instruction (before, during, after) is the most challenging for you? For your students?
    3. Which strategy are you most likely timplement in your teaching? What are your expected outcomes in terms of student learning?

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