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Session 6

Before You Watch

Analyze the Video

Extend Your Knowledge

Put It Into Practice

Reflect on Your Learning

What Did You Learn?

Create a Literacy Practices Portfolio

Teaching English Language Learners.

Create a Literacy Practices Portfolio


If you are taking this workshop for credit, continue constructing your portfolio of instructional practices. When you have finished, save your written work to submit as an assignment. Your portfolio for this workshop will include the following four items:

  • current practices in place in your classroom
  • changes you would like to make
  • a description of one change you have implemented
  • evidence of student learning

1. Current practices

Include your written response from What Do You Do? Then, describe two of your English language learners. What are their literacy strengths? How can you build on these strengths to facilitate English language learning? What are the specific areas in which they struggle (background knowledge, vocabulary, fluency and accuracy, comprehension, writing)? What strategies will you use in your instruction? You may want to consider talking to parents, teachers, or a bilingual specialist to learn more about students' background, academic successes, needs, and strengths.

2. Changes you would like to make

Include your written response from What Did You Learn?

3.One change you have implemented

a. Make a change

Choose one instructional change that you described in What Did You Learn? to implement now. What is your thinking behind making this change? Describe the change in detail and explain how it will be implemented (e.g., an instructional practice, a lesson plan, a plan for modeling a strategy, etc.). What are the expected outcomes for student learning? Design a lesson plan and implement this change.

b. Reflect on the change

Write a brief reflection about what worked when you implemented this change and what you will change the next time you teach this lesson. (If you are taking this workshop during the summer, describe the learning goals and expected outcomes of this change.)

4. Evidence and explanation of student learning

In this section of your portfolio, you will submit evidence that demonstrates student learning. Explain how students exhibited better comprehension through your instruction. Listed below are possible pieces of evidence:

  • a journal entry
  • a student reflection
  • a student response to reading
  • evidence of use of a personal or bilingual dictionary
  • notes from a teacher-student reading conference
  • notes from a student think-aloud
  • observational notes from a book discussion
  • a video recording of a book discussion
  • an audio recording of a discussion group
  • evidence of student engagement through an authentic activity

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