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Teaching English Language Learners.

Begin a Dialogue


In this activity, you will develop a questionnaire and then interview one of your English language learners. This activity is designed to help you learn more about your student--in particular his or her unique language, cultural and ethnic background, strengths and needs, and the ways in which reading and writing are important to him or her. When you have finished, save your written work to submit as an assignment.

  1. Develop a questionnaire:
    Reread Professor Jiménez's article, "It's a Difference That Changes Us: An Alternative View of the Language and Literacy Learning Needs of Latina/o Students." Next, develop a questionnaire to guide you in a dialogue with your English language learner. Include questions that focus on the following categories:
    • family background (culture, country of origin, language(s) spoken in different settings and to whom)
    • siblings
    • home literacy behaviors
    • outside interests
    • favorites (books, TV shows, movies, etc.)
    • student self-assessment (e.g., What is easy for you? What is hard for you? What would you like to do better in school?)
    • other
  2. Engage in a dialogue:
    Use the topics from the questionnaire as a basis for a dialogue with one English language learner. Take notes during the dialogue. Encourage the student to ask you questions as well.
  3. Reflect and plan instruction:
    Review your notes and discuss two changes you will make in subsequent instruction.

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