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Teaching English Language Learners.

Evaluate Your Multicultural Literature


One of the ways teachers can help English language learners develop a strong sense of identity in the classroom and improve their reading comprehension is to use multicultural literature in the literacy program. In this activity, you will practice evaluating the multicultural literature in your classroom library and instructional program. When you have finished, save your chart to submit as an assignment.

  1. Review the characteristics of quality multicultural literature and questions for each characteristic listed in Extend Your Knowledge.
  2. Select five books from your classroom, or five new books from the library, and evaluate them using the Evaluating Multicultural Literature Chart (PDF). You may want to do this with a colleague.
  3. Determine which books provide accurate portrayals of the cultures represented.

Next, review the information on your chart and answer these questions:

  • Are the books you selected accurate and authentic representations of the culture?
  • How will you use these books? (e.g., for independent reading, for whole-class or small-group instruction)
  • What other books would you like to include in your literacy program or classroom library?
  • Where can you find additional multicultural literature?

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