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Teaching English Language Learners.

Watch the Video


Watch the video, "Teaching English Language Learners," taking notes as you watch. After you watch, jot down your answers to the questions below. If you prefer to watch the video in segments, pause the video when you see the next chapter heading.

Where do I start?

Professor Jiménez.In the first video segment, Professor Jiménez explores common views of English language learners, and how teachers can use what they know about literacy instruction and their students to maximize learning. (If you are watching the video in segments, you will find this image at the beginning of the video.)

  • How can teachers' expectations of English language learners affect students' learning and performance?
  • How can you use what you already know about literacy instruction and your English language learners to enhance their learning?

How can I build on what English language learners bring to the classroom?

Students in a classroom.In this segment, Professor Jiménez argues that students' language and cultural diversity should be viewed as an asset rather than a liability. (If you are watching the video in segments, you will find this image approximately six minutes into the video.)

  • Think about your English language learners. What ideas from the video might be useful in your classroom?
  • How can you ensure that English language learners and their English-speaking peers have equal access to the curriculum?
  • How can you support students in maintaining their first language?

How can the classroom context support English language learners?

A student reading.In this segment, Professor Jiménez stresses the importance of including many cultural materials (books, dictionaries, wall displays) that reflect the backgrounds of the English language learners in the class. (If you are watching the video in segments, you will find this image approximately 12 minutes into the video.)

  • How can you use multicultural literature to support English language learners in your curriculum?
  • How does your classroom reflect the nature of the community itself as well as materials written by the students?
  • How can you group students so that they use their native language to support their language and literacy development?

What are some strategies for teaching English language learners?

Students in a classroom.In the final video segment, Professor Jiménez discusses instructional strategies for working with English language learners in the classroom. (If you are watching the video in segments, you will find this image approximately 15 minutes into the video.)

  • What aspects of reading development are most critical to address when instructing English language learners?
  • How can modeling oral reading support English language learners?
  • What strategies can you use to teach students how to figure out and remember unknown words?
  • What are some strategies you might use to encourage students' to maintain their native language as they develop literacy in English?

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