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Teaching English Language Learners.


If you are taking this workshop for credit or professional development, submit the following assignments for Session 6: Teaching English Language Learners.

1. Examine the Literature

In this assignment, you will read two articles on teaching English language learners and complete the Examine the Literature Response Chart.

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2. Evaluate Your Multicultural Literature

In this activity, you will practice evaluating the multicultural literature in your classroom library and instructional program, using the Evaluate Your Multicultural Literature Chart.

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3. Begin a Dialogue

In this activity, you will develop a questionnaire and then interview one of your English language learners.

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4. What Did You Learn?

In this activity, you will write a summary of the ideas and strategies you explored in this session.

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5. Create a Literacy Practices Portfolio

If you are taking this workshop for credit, you will continue constructing your portfolio of instructional practices.

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