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New Literacies of the Internet.

Tips for New Teachers


Teaching With Technology

Whether you are new to teaching or just new to teaching with technology, integrating computer use in your literacy and content-area curriculum can be challenging. The following suggestions will assist you in using technology to support your students' literacy development:

  • Plan for integrating instruction in technology with your regular curriculum. This will allow for more time to use technology in authentic learning experiences.
  • Prepare for "Plan B" in case technology breaks down. Make sure you have books and other print resources to support learning.
  • Learn what your students can already do with technology and what they can handle in subsequent instruction.
  • Keep the focus on the content learning, with technology use to support that content.
  • Schedule mini-lessons on using technology (the Internet, software programs, word processing programs) before integrating with the curriculum.
  • Explore search engines that are designed for children (e.g., Yahooligans, Kidsclick).
  • Explore classroom teachers' Web sites for your grade level to learn about instructional practices for literacy and technology.
  • Schedule specific times for computer use to provide all students with equal access to technology use and practice.
  • Situate computers so that monitor screens are clearly visible to you and the students.
  • Take advantage of professional development opportunities to learn more about how to use technology to support literacy learning.

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