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Supporting Struggling Writers


During a writing workshop, students engage in various stages of the writing process: planning, drafting, revising, editing, and sharing/publishing. Students who struggle with writing often encounter difficulties in one or more of these stages. In this activity, you will consider each stage of the writing process, the difficulties some of your students encounter, and specific instructional supports you can provide. You may want to collaborate with a colleague in completing this activity. When you have finished, save your written work to submit as an assignment.

  • First, review the article by Derek Furr, "Struggling Readers Get Hooked on Writing."
  • Next, think about two or three of your students who struggle to compose a written piece. What specific difficulties do they have in each stage of the writing process?
  • Now, based on your readings and on the workshop video, what instructional strategies will assist your students during writing? Complete the Supporting Struggling Writers (PDF) chart to document your answers. Some examples are provided to assist you in your thinking.

Keep this list of instructional practices for planning writing activities in all subject areas. You may add to this list throughout the year.

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