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4. Writing

How do students become effective writers? What challenges do they face in writing across the curriculum? In this session, literacy expert Nadeen Ruiz provides a structure for planning and implementing a writing program in the intermediate grades. You will learn how to connect specific teaching and assessment strategies to students' personal experiences and writing goals.

Nadeen Ruiz"When children move into the intermediate grades, the nature of the writing tasks that they face changes dramatically. Most children are learning new ways of writing expression. They are asked to create longer text, texts that are different in terms of their organization, their purpose, and their audience."

Nadeen Ruiz
Director of Elementary Education
Stanford University

Meet the Expert

Learning Goals

At the end of this session, you will better understand how to:

  • plan a framework for designing and managing an effective writing program
  • use oral language and reading to support writing
  • provide meaningful feedback to your students on their writing
  • include students in the assessment of their writing
  • foster independent writing

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