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Building Comprehension.

Foster Authentic Reading and Writing


Authentic learning is based on students' use of reading and writing for purposes other than satisfying the teacher's assignments. Authentic tasks are those that students might do even if they are not trying to improve their reading or writing. In this activity, you will develop a list of authentic reading and writing activities that support comprehension and active learning. When you have finished, save your written work to submit as an assignment. Think about five topics, themes, and/or books you will be teaching this year. What reading and writing activities will promote successful learning of these topics/themes? Now make a list of at least two authentic activities/experiences for each topic or theme. For example, you may want to include:

  • writing a letter to the author of a book, asking for clarification of a question that arose during reading
  • reading books or other texts in order to understand concepts or develop background knowledge for a field trip
  • reading information in texts or on the Internet to help answer a specific question discussed in class
  • researching a specific aspect of a book in order to gain insight into the story or characters (for example, Bud, Not Buddy takes place during the Great Depression; students may want to research life during that time to understand the challenges the characters faced in the story)
  • preparing a list of questions for an upcoming interview with a relative or citizen of the community, highlighting the important information desired

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