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Building Comprehension.

Develop a Home Reading Program


Reading at home is an essential component of your reading program. It provides students with extended practice and engagement in comprehending texts they can read and want to read. In this activity, you will develop a home reading program to support students' reading development and foster a positive home/school connection. When you have finished, save your written work to submit as an assignment. To do this, you will need to:


  • Decide on an appropriate amount of time for daily or weekly home reading.
  • Discuss books found in the classroom and school library that students may be interested in reading.
  • Teach a lesson on how to choose a "just right" book for independent, home reading.


  • Write a letter to parents and students explaining the Home Reading Program. Include in the letter the value of home reading, expectations for time, and procedures for recording/monitoring reading.
  • Create a Home Reading Log for students to record the amount of time they read each day and to write a response to their reading two to three times per week. You may want to include a place for parents to indicate they were aware of and/or involved in their child's reading. Include this chart with the parent/student letter.


  • Set aside time each day to confer with students about their home reading.
  • Set aside time each week for book sharing. Students should sign up to share a book they are reading or have completed.
  • Design a form for students to record favorite books ("Must Reads"), and post it in a designated area of the classroom. The form should include the name of the book, the author, and the reason why others should read it.

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