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Building Comprehension.

Watch the Video


Watch the video, "Building Comprehension," taking notes as you watch. After you watch, jot down your answers to the questions below. If you prefer to watch the video in segments, pause the video when you see the next chapter heading.

What do good readers do?

Professor Duke.In this segment, Professor Duke defines comprehension and describes the research findings on what good readers do as they read. (If you are watching the video in segments, you will find this image at the beginning of the video.)

  • How do the classroom clips illustrate Professor Duke's definition of comprehension?
  • Based on Professor Duke's suggestions, how can you promote active learning through your instruction?
  • How can you help your struggling readers use comprehension strategies as they read?

What can teachers do to improve students' comprehension?

Students in a classroom.In this video segment, Professor Duke emphasizes the importance of explicit instruction for improving students' comprehension. These instructional practices should focus on factors related to effective comprehension: vocabulary, background knowledge, text structure, and authentic opportunities to read and respond to text. (If you are watching the video in segments, you will find this image approximately eight minutes into the video.)

  • How can you build background knowledge before reading?
  • How and when can you teach vocabulary? How do you choose which words to teach?
  • What changes might you make?
  • How can you teach comprehension strategies across the curriculum?
  • How can you promote meaningful conversations about text among your students?

What can teachers do to help struggling readers?

Students in a classroom.In the last video segment, Professor Duke discusses the difficulties struggling readers often have in actively monitoring their comprehension. (If you are watching the video in segments, you will find this image approximately 25 minutes into the video.)

  • What strategies can you use to help students when they don't understand?
  • What strategies can you teach your students to use when comprehension breaks down?

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