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Fluency and Word Study.

Developing Vocabulary


In this activity, you will choose 8 to 10 vocabulary words from a selection students are going to read and develop two activities to help students understand and appropriately use these words. When you have finished, save your written work to submit as an assignment.

Effective vocabulary instruction includes multiple and varied exposures to words. Literacy research suggests that teachers choose 10 words each week and provide daily, varied activities for students to practice using those words. Two possible activities involve sentence completion tasks. One is a cloze activity in which students are asked to fill in the missing word with one of the week's vocabulary words. In the second, students complete a sentence with a phrase that incorporates the vocabulary word and demonstrates understanding of its meaning.

  1. Based on what your students will be reading in the following week, choose 10 vocabulary words you need to teach (Tier 2).
  2. Prepare two activities to help students fully understand the definition and use of the chosen words.
    • Fill-in-the-blank activity: For each of the 10 words, compose a sentence in which the targeted word is omitted. For example, if one of the words you were going to teach is scrutinized, the sentence could be: My calligraphy teacher was such a perfectionist that he _______________ [scrutinized] every stroke I made.
    • Sentence completion activity: For each of the 10 words, compose a sentence that needs to be completed. For example, if scrutinize is the targeted word, the sentence might be: I wasn't sure whether I was eating chocolate chips or ants, so I _______________ [scrutinized...]. After students have composed sentences either with a partner or by themselves, promote discussion among the class and choose the best sentence(s) so that students more fully understand the uses of the words.
  3. Remember, the goal of these activities is to promote discussion and to foster rich understanding of the vocabulary words.
  4. Develop activities that address the following information:
  5. Modeling and Demonstration:

    • How will you explain the importance of vocabulary instruction to your students?
    • How will you first introduce and define the words?
    • How will you provide or develop definitions that are "student friendly"?
    • How will you introduce the fill-in-the-blank and sentence completion activities?

    Guided Practice:

    • How will students work in groups to complete these activities?
    • How will you help generate discussion around each of the activities?
    • How will you support your struggling learners as they complete these activities?

    Independent Practice:

    • How will students demonstrate understanding of the targeted words in their independent reading?


    • How will you document students' understanding and ability to use the vocabulary taught?
    • How will you document students' understanding and ability to use the vocabulary taught?

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