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Fluency and Word Study.

Tips for New Teachers


Promoting Fluency

Students in the primary grades have learned a core of sight words as well as strategies to decode unknown words. This word knowledge may help them to read accurately, but they may not read fluently--that is, quickly and with appropriate expression. This can have a negative effect on comprehension. Here are some ways to promote fluency and enhance comprehension.

  • Develop a classroom library that includes a wide range of reading levels for independent reading.
  • Provide time each day for students to read at their independent level--98 to 100% accuracy in word recognition and adequate comprehension.
  • Model fluent oral reading during daily read-aloud.
  • Provide reasons for students to reread text (ask students to reread text to support their answers for a discussion).
  • Have students create and participate in Reader's Theater.
  • Encourage students to choose character parts and read dialogue with a partner.
  • Have students prepare and read to younger students ("reading buddies").

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