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Fluency and Word Study.

Watch the Video


Watch the video, "Fluency and Word Study," taking notes as you watch. After you watch, jot down your answers to the questions below. If you prefer to watch the video in segments, pause the video when you see the next chapter heading.

What instructional practices support fluency?

Two students in a class.In the first segment, Professor Allington discusses practices that improve fluency: providing students with texts they can easily read, giving students extended time to read, and teaching students to monitor their own comprehension. (If you are watching the video in segments, you will find this image at the beginning of the video.)

  • How can you ensure that your struggling readers have access to texts they can easily read?
  • How can you foster a learning environment in which students have many opportunities to practice reading?
  • Describe ways in which you can model fluent reading in your classroom throughout the day.

What are effective word study strategies?

Professor Allington.In the final segment, Professor Allington discusses guidelines for how to choose vocabulary words to teach, and ways of integrating explicit vocabulary instruction into the curriculum. (If you are watching the video in segments, you will find this image approximately 16 minutes into the video.)

  • Explain the three levels of words and how you can use word levels to decide which words to teach.
  • How do you teach your students to "chunk" words as a strategy for decoding unfamiliar words? When do you provide this instruction?
  • Based on Professor Allington's comments and the classroom examples, what are some ways you might foster word study in your classroom?

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