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Fluency and Word Study

2. Fluency and Word Study

Students in the intermediate grades continue to develop as fluent readers, using specific strategies for reading and understanding new words. How can teachers support their students' development of fluency, vocabulary, and decoding strategies? What instructional practices promote fluency and word study? In this session, literacy expert Richard Allington discusses the importance of fluent reading, vocabulary knowledge, and word analysis skills in effective, interactive, and engaged reading.

Richard Allington"We want to make sure that readers are engaged in lots of high-success reading and that we support them by modeling and demonstrating how good readers think while they read. This includes how they pay attention to words, how they think about pronunciation, and how they notice those little things writers do that tickle us"

Richard Allington
Professor of Reading
University of Tennessee

Meet the Expert

Learning Goals

At the end of this session, you will better understand how to:

  • provide opportunities to practice fluent reading
  • model and demonstrate fluent reading for your students
  • plan instruction that allows all students to engage in high-success reading
  • select and teach vocabulary to enhance comprehension
  • instruct and support students in decoding longer, unfamiliar words

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