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Creating Contexts for Learning.

Create Text Sets


One of the challenges teachers face is collecting and providing accessible and motivating texts that support the content-area curriculum. In order to learn and understand the concepts of specific topics, students need to have a wide range of reading materials that are appropriate in reading level and that will engage and motivate all students. In this activity, you will research and gather a variety of texts from your classroom, the school library, and other sources that reflect and support a common theme or topic in your curriculum. Write out the plan outlined below. When you have finished, save your work to submit as an assignment.

  • Decide on a theme or topic of study in a content area of your curriculum.
  • Consider related sub-topics for the theme.
  • Identify a set of texts that relate to the theme or sub-topics and place them in a bin, crate, or corner of the room. These reading materials should reflect:
    • a range of reading levels that match those of your students
    • a variety of genres (e.g., informational books, trade books, picture books, biographies, poetry, magazines, newspapers, reference books)
    • the culture and first language of your students
    • the interests of your students
  • Develop a unit or lesson to introduce and review the texts, explaining how they can be used to learn about and respond to the topic(s).

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