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Creating Contexts for Learning

1. Creating Contexts for Learning

How can classroom organization and daily routines help students become better readers and writers? In this session, literacy expert Jeanne Paratore outlines strategies teachers can use to enhance literacy skills. You will learn how classroom organization, everyday routines, and grouping practices affect literacy skills in the middle grades. You will explore research-based strategies that help students learn, and see examples from actual classrooms.

Jeanne R. Paratore"One of the things good teachers do is create a classroom context that in some ways mimics a real world context. If a child learns how to use reading and writing to get things done in the classroom, then the child also knows how to use reading and writing to get things done outside of the classroom. "

Jeanne R. Paratore
Associate Professor
Boston University School of Education

Meet the Expert

Learning Goals

At the end of this session, you will better understand how to:

  • plan and organize your classroom to promote reading and writing
  • develop literacy routines that encourage students to use reading and writing in meaningful ways
  • identify and use texts that are accessible and motivating for all students
  • plan multiple grouping options to maximize student learning

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