Teacher resources and professional development across the curriculum

Teacher professional development and classroom resources across the curriculum

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Facilitator Tips

You can use the workshop to provide professional development activities for teachers in a variety of settings:

  • In reading methodology courses
  • For teachers broadening their range of instructional practices
  • For individual teacher study of a specific topic or grade level
  • In a district or school workshop
  • In professional development mentoring programs

The following facilitator tips can enhance the professional development experience:

  • Review the Web or print guide, and preview the video prior to running a study group or workshop.
  • Print and duplicate charts, posters, and templates ahead of time.
  • Have participants complete the Session Preparation prior to meeting.
  • Identify participants' skill levels and build from there.
  • Use sections that meet your needs and those of your participants.
  • Begin with the suggested questions and continue with other questions that interest you and your colleagues.
  • Allow enough time to wait for participants' responses.
  • Encourage debate and discussion to help trigger and focus controversial issues.
  • Promote reflection as a means to improving teaching.
  • Organize participants into different groups for different activities to give everyone a chance to work with everyone else.
  • Conclude by reviewing strategies and action items participants can use in their teaching practice.

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