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Teacher professional development and classroom resources across the curriculum

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About This Workshop

Students learn the basic components of reading in the early elementary grades, but learning to read doesn’t end there. In the intermediate grades, students learn to become fluent readers, they build their vocabulary and word knowledge, and learn to comprehend and retain more meaning from what they read.

The Teaching Reading, 3-5 workshop is designed to give teachers the strategies they need to help all students become better readers and writers in the intermediate grades. Eight workshop sessions provide current research, questions for reflection, tips for new teachers, activities to enhance your teaching, and video segments from classrooms across the country.

Each workshop video features a leading literacy expert whose research and experience focus on a key element of teaching reading, from classroom organization and comprehension to teaching diverse learners, teaching English language learners, and assessment. Each video features classroom examples illustrating teaching strategies that were taken from actual classrooms across the country. The featured classrooms can also be viewed as whole 30-minute videos.

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