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Angie Zapata.

Investigating Word Meaning
Teacher: Angie Zapata
Grade 3, Mathews School, Austin, TX

Using a passage from Charlotte's Web by E. B. White, Angie Zapata teaches her third graders how to use context clues to discover the meaning of unfamiliar words. Ms. Zapata's mini-lesson also models individual and small group work.

Maria Ruiz-Blanco.

Fostering Book Discussions
Teacher: Maria Ruiz-Blanco
Grade 3, Belmont-Cragin School, Chicago, IL

Maria Ruiz-Blanco’s third-grade class uses immigration as a topic for a book group and writing exercise. Working in groups, students discuss what they read, ask questions, and make connections to their own lives.

Caroline Cockman.

Choosing Words Strategically
Teacher: Caroline Cockman
Grade 3, Rashkis Elementary School, Chapel Hill, NC

Caroline Cockman’s third-grade class is learning how to revise biographies using transitions and more descriptive nouns. A whole-group exercise models the revision process, and small-group instruction focuses on students who need extra help in writing.

Tatiana With.

Revising for Clarity
Teacher: Tatiana With
Grade 4, Heath School, Brookline, MA

Through a whole class mini-lesson and small group work, Tatiana With and her fourth-grade class explore the difference between editing and revising, with a focus on revision. In this lesson, Ms. With uses InFocus technology to model revision of an Indian folk tale.

Gage Reeves.

Reading Across the Curriculum
Teacher: Gage Reeves
Grade 5, Vernon School, Portland, OR

Gage Reeve’s mixed-grade class is learning new vocabulary and main ideas in a lesson on global warming. Students write their questions and use an idea tree to record main ideas and supporting details.

Holly Concannon.

Looking at Cause and Effect
Teacher: Holly Concannon
Grade 5. Murphy School, Boston, MA

Holly Concannon and her fifth-grade class discuss cause and effect in a passage from Gary Paulsen’s book, Woodsong. The lesson models grouping students for independent reading, as well as guided reading.

Dana Robertson.

Close Reading for Understanding
Teacher: Dana Robertson
Grade 5, Estabrook School, Lexington, MA

Fifth-grade teacher Dana Robertson models strategic reading, and teaches his students the strategies readers use to comprehend the text. He then continues with small-group instruction while other students work independently.

Eleanor Demont.

Summarizing Nonfiction
Teacher: Eleanor Demont
Grade 5, Heath School, Brookline, MA

Eleanor Demont’s fifth-grade class completes a mini-lesson using summarization as a comprehension strategy for reading non-fiction texts. Students examine the importance of differentiating what is interesting from what is important in a social studies unit on ancient Egypt.


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