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1. Creating Contexts for Learning

Design a Schedule

In this interactive activity, you will design a schedule to maximize reading and writing time and instruction.

2. Fluency and Word Study

Word Tiers

In this activity you will identify the three tiers of vocabulary, identify words from a text that present new vocabulary for your students, and then categorize words by tier in order to focus your teaching.

3. Building Comprehension

The House

This activity is designed to help you identify different purposes for reading the same text. You will read a passage about a house three times, each time highlighting with different purposes in mind.

4. Writing

Evaluate Student Writing

In this activity, you will evaluate a piece of student writing and plan an appropriate editing conference.

5. New Literacies of the Internet

Evaluating Web Sites

This activity is designed to help you and your students evaluate Web sites and determine which ones are most useful. You will browse a Web site and then evaluate it using guiding questions.

6. Teaching English Language Learners

Find the Unfamiliar Words

This activity is designed to help you think about how English language learners approach reading, what words they probably know, and how you can teach words that they may not know. You will read an excerpt from My Name is María Isabel by Alma Flor Ada and highlight words based on how you would teach them to English language learners.

7. Teaching Diverse Learners

Grouping Diverse Learners

In this activity, you will read two instructional scenarios, determine which grouping plans are most effective for teaching and learning in specific situations, and then practice grouping diverse learners.

8. Assessment and Accountability

Assessing Comprehension

In this activity, you will read the fable The Bad Kangaroo, listen as two students retell the story in their own words, and assess their comprehension using a retelling guide.


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