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Social Studies In Action A Methodology Workshop, K-5.
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Session 7.

Assessing Students' Learning


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Designing and Analyzing Assessments

Assessments can be used in several ways. They can help to gauge student learning, uncover misconceptions, extend learning, and reveal the effectiveness of instruction.

Develop two assessments that you can use in your own teaching. The assessments you design may be focused on a lesson or take the form of a culminating activity at the end of the unit. The list below provides suggestions.

  • A series of questions or a summary paragraph identifying the most important concepts or processes covered in a lesson
  • White-board responses during a lesson
  • A drawing, illustration, graph, chart, or map
  • Using a rubric to assess a culminating project or presentation

Note: If you are working with a group and taking all eight sessions, use one of these assessments for your ongoing unit.

Print the Analyzing Assessments form (PDF), on which you will answer the following questions for each of the two assessments you develop.

  • What is being assessed?
  • What is the purpose? How does it address your assessment goals?
  • Are there criteria? If so, when are students given these criteria?
  • How will students know they have learned?
  • Will they receive feedback and from whom?
  • How will feedback help them improve their work?
  • What clues about instruction might assessment results provide for you?

Save your written work to submit as an assignment.

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