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From: Bethany Franz <bdfranz.edu_at_gmail.com_at_learner.org>
Date: Sun, 3 Mar 2013 18:40:41 -0500


   Thank you for posting this, it was really eye opening for me. I am a
3rd and 4th grade teacher in a very rural part of New Hampshire. Many of
my students are from poor families and areas. My students often ask me
about what it is like to live in a city, even though I would
not consider Concord, NH much of one. They marvel at the fact that I live
close to a supermarket and a highway.

   This is why I also have the same dilemma as you, although on the other
side of the spectrum. I cannot help but ask myself how do I do my New
Hampshire unit and truly portray the differences between the states without
drawing attention to the levels of wealth that are so very present. My
students are seemingly well versed in the differences between wealthily and
poor families. For example, one of my students pointed out a house during
Guided Reading and stated "My family could never live in a house like that.
 We are getting kicked out of the one we are in!" So how do you balance the
understanding and the knowledge of the world around them...


This is my first time posting to this so I hope I am doing it properly. I
a first grade teacher in a private school in Florida. I just finished
Session 3 of the Social Studies in Action class. The multicultural
reading and piece is really making me think. I teach a very homogeneous
classroom- most of my students live in the exact same fairly wealthy
neighborhood and go to similar Churchs. It made me think that there is
still diversity within my classroom and it is my responsibility to
the differences with the children. The part that, for some reason, I am
struggling with the most is figuring out how best to tackle the second
dimension of multicultural education- knowledge construction. I don't know
if there are any other early elementary teachers part of this group that
would want to delve further into this concept and how to best integrate
other's perspectives into little minds that are very egocentric. Thanks!
 Caitlin Vander Meulen
First Grade Teacher
Windermere Preparatory School
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