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Science in Focus: Shedding Light: Highlights

Several of the topics addressed in SHEDDING LIGHT ON SCIENCE were mentioned only briefly in the video program. We hope that some of the Highlighted topics peaked your interest to learn more. Here you will find further discussion and activities about some of these topics organized by workshop number and in the order they were mentioned in the video broadcast.

Workshop 1 Highlights

    • More About Shadows: Penumbras and Umbras
    • Absorption and Transmission of Photons

Workshop 2 Highlights

    • Curved Mirrors

Workshop 3 Highlights

    • Primary Colors
    • Light Bulbs
    • Monochromatic Pigments

Workshop 4 Highlights

    • color deficiency
    • optical illusions
    • vision correction
    • color vision in animals
    • inverted images in the eye

Workshop 5 Highlights

    • Seeds and Germination
    • Food Storage in Seeds
    • Sugar-Starch Relationship
    • Testing Leaves for Starch
    • What Plants Do with the Sugar They Make

Workshop 6 Highlights

    • Pyramid of Numbers
    • Pyramid of Biomass
    • Pyramid of Energy
    • Decomposition
    • Law of Conservation of Energy
    • Energy Flow in Ecosystems
    • Aerobic Respiration
    • Balance of Nature

Workshop 7 Highlights

    • Ice Ages
    • Absorbption
    • Geometry of Spheres

Workshop 8 Highlights

    • Rotational Motion and Forces
    • Air Pressure
    • Global Warming
    • How Raindrops Are Formed
    • Children's Thinking and Personification


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