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Workshop 8 – Assessment

The work of these teachers will be featured during Workshop 8:

Name: Jean Huff
Experience: 19 years
Grade & Subjects: Grade 3; all subjects
Demographics: Elementary school in a suburban city
Classroom: 22 students; 15% special needs; 10% ESL
Science Teaching: Three times per week; approximately 120 minutes total
Curriculum: Specified by district
Other: Master's degree in elementary education
Teaches in an "open" school

Name: Tom Banaszewski
Experience: First-year teacher
Grade & Subjects: Grade 5; all subjects
Demographics: Suburban school in affluent town
Classroom: 26 students; 10% special needs
Science Teaching: 50-minute sessions; twice per week
Curriculum: Life, physical, and earth sciences; specified by district
Other: Shares teaching responsibilities with Andy, another first-year teacher, who was initially brought into the classroom to assist with special needs students

Name: Jeff Slomski
Experience: Student teacher; Cooperating teacher, Bernie
Grade & Subjects: Grade 6; Science and Mathematics
Demographics: Middle school in a suburban town
Classroom: 2 classes; 55 students total; multi-ethnic
Science Teaching: Daily sessions, six week internship
Curriculum: Specified by district
Other: Holds undergraduate degree in Business
Will hold Master's degree in Education with elementary and middle grades certification

Name: Dotty Herd
Experience: 23 years
Grade & Subjects: Grade 6 and several Grade 7 students; all subjects
Demographics: K-8 school in a rural district
Classroom: 25 students, varied economic background
Science Teaching: Approximately 5 hours per week
Curriculum: Currently from the Tennessee Valley Project; previously built around objectives for state standardized test

Name: Pat Coleman
Experience: 21 years
Grade & Subjects: Grade 8; Life Science and Social Studies
Demographics: Middle school in a suburban town
Classroom: 48 students; 20% special needs
Science Teaching: Two classes, 40-minute periods, five times per week
Curriculum: School is moving toward an integrated science ("spiraled") curriculum; specified by district
Other: 8th-grade team leader
Shares classrooms with other teachers; does not have his own classroom

Questions to ponder before and after workshop 8:

Much change has taken place in the area of assessment of childrens' learning. Think about the different forms of assessment you use in teaching science.

  1. What do you consider effective forms of assessment?
  2. What are the characteristics of an effective tool of assessment?


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