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Teaching Reading K-2 Workshop.

Teaching Writing as a Process: Put It Into Practice

Put It Into Practice

Develop a Mini-Lesson

In this activity, you will identify and develop specific topics for mini-lessons in writing.

In a mini-lesson you teach students something important about writing and demonstrate an aspect of the writing process; however, mini-lessons are not all 'telling.' Effective mini-lessons are interactive, with students contributing ideas and examples.

Fountas and Pinnell, Guiding Readers and Writers Grades 3-6, 66.

Create a list of topics for mini-lessons that will address your students' writing needs either as a whole class or as small groups. You may want to categorize topics like:

  • Writing process: e.g., how to effectively plan, draft, edit, and revise writing
  • Writing conventions: e.g., spelling, punctuation, capitalization, sentence structure, and paragraphs
  • Writing time management: e.g., using writing resources and Writing Workshop procedures

From your list, identify a topic to develop into a mini-lesson.

Print the Lesson Plan Template (PDF) and use it to develop the mini-lesson. Make sure your mini-lesson addresses how you will:

  • introduce and model the routine
  • provide for students' guided practice
  • plan for independent application

Submit your mini-lesson.

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