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Teaching Reading K-2 Workshop. Key Terms.


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About This Workshop

Reading is intrinsic to everything children will learn in school. Creating a classroom community of eager and ready-to-read students presents you with a wealth of challenges and choices as teachers. This workshop will help you navigate the concerns of teaching beginning reading effectively.

The Teaching Reading K-2 Workshop introduces innovative research-based principles, teaching practices, and classroom activities designed to stimulate your teaching. Each of the eight workshop sessions examines a critical issue of early literacy. These sessions are designed to enhance the way you teach your K-2 students to read and write.

The eight video programs follow Professor Jeanne R. Paratore of Boston University and twelve K-2 teachers as they work through the major issues of teaching reading. Become a student yourself as you watch the lectures, classroom videos, and discussions, and complete a range of activities that you can use to improve your classroom reading instruction.

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