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[Channel-talkreadingk2] (no subject)

From: <>
Date: Mon Apr 04 2005 - 21:30:15 EDT
X-Mailer: 9.0 Security Edition for Windows sub 5000

O.K. now that I found the correct channel talk what am I going to do about
the fact that noone is discussing sessions? This is being broadcast in my
area at this time on cable tv. I am now on the fourth session and this is
supposed to be part of my journal entries. Please help. I am trying to do this
the best way I can to get graduate credit for it. Perhaps I am stressing too
much. If anyone has lesson plans from any of the sessions they would like to
share please do so. Also, I do not have my own class what should I do for
the handbook? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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Received on Tue Apr 5 09:58:00 2005

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