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Date: Sat Jan 24 2004 - 23:47:09 EST

  • Next message: Renee Wilson: "RE: [Channel-talkreadingk2] learning centers"

    My literacy centers went well this week. I think one reason is the children
    were very familiar with the different activities. I didn't start new activity
    just modified the routine. One problem we had was not having enough time to
    finish before we rotated. That's one reason I haven't used this procedure in
    the past. At our class meeting we all agreed we should have more time at each
    center. Next week I plan to extend our last rotation into our DEAR time
    after recess and have additional activities at each center for students who finish
    early. I'll let you know how it works. I also explained to the children
    this is a stepping stone to self-selecting centers. We had an extra long winter
    break due to snow and the 10 children who have a hard time staying on task
    have regressed. This is slowing us all down. Hopefully, they will regain their
    self-control so we can continue to move forwards. I must admit the literacy
    center time was the most relaxed part of our day. Now, math centers were a
    wild free for all. Hang in there.

    As for children needing more reading and writing time I agree. In addition
    to the 90 minute literacy block which is the new rotations, 3 days a week, on
    MWF children have a separate 30 min. DEAR time (this is mostly choice reading
    but I sometimes asign a genra). The other two days a week there is an
    additional 60 min. reading and writing block. On those two days I often integrate
    other subjects. This week they were working with a partner on a book camerial.
    All this takes place in the morning. Read-Aloud is in the afternoon 5 days a

    Thanks for your encouragement with book bins. I got some new bookshelves and
    have separated books. Each bin is colored coded. It took me until 7:30 PM on
    Friday and only 1/3 of my books are sorted. It's a start. I plan to have
    the children discover the system and assign two librarians to the area.


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