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From: veronica (
Date: Tue Jan 13 2004 - 12:12:27 EST

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    I use the book bins and find them to be a little chaotic at the beginning of the year... but I think when you use the idea of Librarian Job the children will do what needs to be done. I teach Kindergarteners and what I do is place small round stickers on the inside cover of the books then on the book bin the I label the book bin that color so that RED stickers belong in the Red labeled book bin.
    THis system works great because even though at first the children may not be able to identify their colors they can still tell where each book belongs.
    Like the video said though... you need to take the time in the first few weeks to really get the students used to a system. It took me about two weeks for the children to learn that once they come in they have to put the jackets away, go to their desk and take out their journal.
    Give it time and effort... it is definitely worth it!

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