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RE: [Channel-talkpupmath] Test

From: Wendy Thompson <wthompso@roe48.k12.il.us>
Date: Fri Dec 03 2004 - 11:47:15 EST
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   Ann Habib

  Wendy I struggled through the World Series. I went on line to find an
explanation. I asked freinds and family members- they all knew it was about
permutations and combinations and that was all they could do. I finally did
find a friend who reassured me that I was on the right track and yes, it was
a bit tedious. But I already had the answer so I worked to it.
  [Wendy Thompson]
  I watched the video before I attempted the problem...but I didn't pay
attention to the solution. When I finally attempted the problem I went
about it with brute force. I listed all 128 outcomes for 7 games. (Well I
actually just listed 64 or them knew the last result was either team a or
b.) But then I got very confused about how to count the outcomes that
wouldn't really have been played out...as I said earlier I was lazy. Anyway
I finally went with no weeding out and figured the probabilities. The fact
that I had the same probability for 6 games as for 7 games worried me. But
I am happy to report that when I watched the video a second time I saw that
my answers were correct. Isn't that pathetic? I trusted the students in the
video more than myself.
  There way of thinking about the problem was much more concise than mine.
I would have never made the connections they made to Pascal's Triangle and
the "n choose r" formula.

  I have Middle School 6th and 7th graders.
  [Wendy Thompson] I teach High School
  I have comleted the videos and am trying to finish up the last bits to
send out before the 10th.
  [Wendy Thompson] Same here...Good Luck. Are you taking any of the other
courses? I am taking the Insights into Algebra course also. I find this
series of videos more intriguing though.

  I've done many of the problems with my kids.
  I'll write more later- time for me to begin my day.

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