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Private Universe Project in Mathematics



From: Dennis McCowan (mccowan@massed.net)
Date: Thu Oct 19 2000 - 07:34:37 EDT

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    Hi! This is Dennis McCowan emailing you from Weston Massachusetts
    where 21 teachers are participating in PUP-Math. We fill varous roles
    in our school ranging from First Grade to BC Calculus teachers- learning
    center tutors to Technology coordinators. (I am the site facitlitator
    and serve as the secondary math deptartment head) We watch a tape of the
    session and are about a week behind the live broadcast- we watched the
    first tape yesterday (October 18)

    We loved being able to watch the children grow- both mathematically and
    otherwise! One interesting observation was made about Stephanie's first
    attack on "Shirts and Pants"- dis otghers notice that Stephanie was
    listing her possible outfits by putting the shirt color on top and pants
    beneath but when she stated her second possibility she stated "blue
    jeans and white shirt" yet wrote the B on top? Later on whe attempted
    to write "W B" (the pair she left out) but then seemed to recall that
    she had already stated "blue jeans and white shirt" so changed it to "Y
    B". We believ you eed to listen VERY carefully to kids to understand
    what's going on.

    A question raised about the children we saw in the tape: Were all
    students in the grade taped? How were those we ended up watching
    actually selected? Are they representative of the Kenilworth
    children? Were "special education" children part of the study?

    Yet another question- manipulaties were provided for "Towers" but none
    were provided for the "Cups Plates and Bowls" problem. What was the
    thinking behind that decision? If doll cups, plates, and bowls had been
    provided, would that bhave hgelped or hindered the mathematical growth
    of the students?

    Dennis McCowan

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