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Teacher professional development and classroom resources across the curriculum

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Participants' Schools Index

Anderson Elementary School, Lawndale, CA Workshop 4
Bank Street College of Education, New York City, NY Workshop 5
Bates College, Lewiston, ME Workshop 3
Carpenter Ave. Elementary School, Studio City, CA Workshop 2
Central East Middle School, Philadelphia, PA Workshop 6
Coventry Middle School, Coventry, RI Workshop 1
Cranston Calvert Elementary School, Newport, RI Workshop 4
Fenway High School, Boston, MA Workshop 1
Fernangeles Elementary School, Sun Valley, CA Workshop 2
Everett Alvarez High School, Salinas, CA Workshop 4
The International High School, Long Island City, NY Workshop 2
Louis Armstrong Middle School, Elmherst, NY Workshop 7
Mercer Island High School, Mercer Island, WA Workshop 5
Mt. Ararat Middle School, Brunswick, ME Workshop 7
Shutesbury Elementary School, Shutesbury, MA Workshop 3
Souhegan High School, Amherst, NH Workshop 2
Taylor Elementary School, Philadelphia, PA Workshop 8
Thurgood Marshall Academic High School, San Francisco, CA Workshop 1
Whittier High School, Whittier, CA Workshops 5 & 6

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