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Workshop Descriptions

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Workshop Descriptions

Workshop 1: What's This All About?

The national picture for science and math education reform provides a backdrop for principals whose responsibility is forming and articulating a collective vision. Principals examine the implications of TIMSS, state testing, and standards, and look at authentic student work in classrooms.

Workshop 2: Creating Communities that Learn Together

With the goal of building learning communities that improve math and science outcomes, this workshop shows several ways that principals can work toward including all voices–teachers, students, parents–in a new dialogue about education reform.

Workshop 3: Math/Science Skills–What's Important?

In this workshop, principals examine what teachers, college and business leaders, and parents believe children should know and be able to do to be successful in math and science.

Workshop 4: Reworking the Curriculum

Principals are looking at new ways to stress authentic knowledge. This workshop examines how new curriculum materials require both principals and teachers to show courage, patience, and endurance.

Workshop 5: Changing Pedagogy

Education reform in math and science implies changing teaching and learning strategies in the classroom. Principals discuss how they can foster effective pedagogy.

Workshop 6: Fostering Effective Professional Development for Teachers

Principals weigh proven professional development strategies to help teachers implement new reform ideas.

Workshop 7: Professional Development for Principals

Professional development for principals is an important tool for reform. Principals learn that taking time for their own professional development is not taking time from their schools.

Workshop 8: Building a Plan for Reform

Principals look at ways to overcome obstacles and work toward the goal of sustained and coherent change in math and science.


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