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The First Settlers



Consider These Questions


This is a list of the first settlers who went to America with the Virginia Company of London. One hundred men and four boys departed on December 20, 1606, under the command of Christopher Newport. They arrived on April 26 and looked for a place to settle. By May 13 they had moved up the James River and started building a fort in the place they called Jamestown.

Maister Edward Maria Wingfield.
Captaine Bartholomew Gosnoll.
Captaine John Smyth.
Captaine John Rat[c]liffe.
Captaine John Martin.
Captaine George Kendall.



Maister Robert Hunt Preacher.
Maister George Percie.
Anthony Gosnoll.
Captaine Gabriell Archer.



Robert Ford.
William Bruster.
Dru[e] Pickhouse.
John Brookes.
Thomas Sands.
John Robinson.
Ustis Clovill.
Kellam Throgmorton.
Nathaniel Powell.
Robert Behethland.
Jeremy Alicock.
Thomas Studley.
Richard Crofts



Nicholas Houlgrave.
Thomas Webbe:
John Waler.
William Tankard.
Francis Snarsbrough.
Edward Brookes.
Richard Dixon.
John Martin.
George Martin.
Anthony Gosnold.
Thomas Wotton, Sierg. [Surgeon]
Thomas Gore.
Francis Midwinter.



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