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Primary Sources - Workshop in American History The Virginia Companyhomesitemap
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Workshop 1: Lectures & Activities

Activity Two:
Evaluate the Virginia and Massachusetts Companies

Professor Maier presents what really happened to the Virginia Company in 1618. She then describes the development of the Massachusetts Bay Company. Use the questions below to compare the two companies. Facillitators Note

Consider These Questions


What was the effect of the Virginia Company's strategy for reviving the colony?


Compare the Virginia Company and the Massachusetts Bay Company. Why did one work and the other fail?

Image of Pauline Maier

"Puritans, moreover, believed in work, where the Virginians were very good at avoiding it. Where the Virginians were individualists, out for their profit at the cost of others, the New Englanders were consummate groupies. They were always covenanting with each other, you know, making agreements to form churches, to form towns, and even makeshift colonial governments. "
— Pauline Maier

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