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Workshop 3: Lectures & Activities

Activity Two:
What Is Your Final Opinion?

Consider the primary source documents, Professor Masur's lectures, the onscreen group debates, and your own findings from Activity One. What are your final thoughts on the experiment at Lowell? Use the questions below to guide your reflection. Facillitators Note

Consider These Questions


Now that you have argued each side and seen others debate the issue, which argument do you think makes the strongest case: Was Lowell an opportunity for working women or a dead end? Why?


What are your thoughts about the Lowell System?

Image of Louis Masur

"I think that word 'experiment' is important because -- it's the first thing. It's a transitional stage, a transition to clear-cut capitalism. All that paternalism, the boardinghouses, the concern for the other elements of the workers' lives, well, in time, that fades away. Indeed, Lowell itself transforms when the labor force of young women from New England gives way to a largely immigrant workforce."
— Louis Masur

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