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Workshop 3: Lectures & Activities
45-Minute Workshops (Videotape Only)

Image Map With Links to altenate Course Options

If you can only meet for 45 minutes, you can take this workshop as two consecutive 45-minute sessions. Take Workshop A before Workshop B.

For Workshops A and B:
Watch the video segments listed for each workshop, pausing after to do the related activity. Do Workshop B after you have completed Workshop A.

All times are approximate

Watch Lecture One:
The Lowell Experiment


Do Activity One:
Was Lowell an Opportunity or a Dead End?


Watch Lecture Two:
The Legacy of Lowell


Do Activity Two:
What Is Your Final Opinion?


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Note: Readings and viewing A Biography of America videos are not included here. These should be completed prior to attending the workshop session. See Before You Watch for more information.

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