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Primary Sources - Workshop in American History Workshop 4 - Concerning Emancipation: Who Freed the Slaves?homesitemap
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Workshop 4: Lectures & Activities

Activity Three:
Has Your Opinion Changed?

Watch the final portion of the video lecture. What are your final thoughts on the issue of emancipation? Use the questions to guide your reflection.

Consider These Questions


Has your opinion changed about Lincoln's role in the emancipation of African Americans? If so, how?


Has your opinion changed about the role of the enslaved in the push for emancipation? If so, how?

Photo of Proffesor Masur

"...our understanding history across the board over the last 20 or 30 years [is an] attempt to search for evidence to recover the histories of the so-called inarticulate, who turn out not to be all that inarticulate after all."
— Louis Masur

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