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Primary Sources - Workshop in American History Disease and Historyhomesitemap
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Workshop 7: Lectures & Activities

Activity Two:
Final Thoughts on the Control of Disease

Consider the primary source documents, Professor Hammonds' lectures, the onscreen group debates, and your own findings from Activity One. What are your final thoughts on the efforts to control the spread of infectious disease from the 19th century to today? Use the questions below to guide your reflection. Link to facilitators' notes

Consider These Questions


What role has class/wealth played in public reaction to and policy for ending the spread of infectious diseases?


How have the government's efforts to stop the spread of infectious diseases and epidemics changed since the time of Mary Mallon?


How should society control people who are healthy themselves but can cause disease? For example, what about carriers of viruses, such as HIV, for which there is currently no cure? What about carriers of genetic diseases, such as cystic fibrosis, that can only be inherited?

Partial Image of a Political Cartoon Portraying a man sweeping

"The control of infectious diseases... is one of the great triumphs of public health and scientific research in this century. But I think the major point to take away is that with every success came very real challenges to the values that Americans hold dear"
— Evelynn Hammonds

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