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Web Site Production Credits

Primary Sources is a production of WGBH Educational Foundation for Annenberg Media.

Senior Producer
Ted Sicker

Curriculum Director
Denise Blumenthal

Curriculum Project Coordinator
Anna Brooks

Chris Wise
Lisa Rosenthal

Joe Brandt
Kirsten Connelly

Production Coordinator
Anna Clark

Business Managers
Mary Mlodzinska
Joe Karaman

Additional Writers
Catherine Benedict
Melanie MacFarlane
Michael Rossi

With the assistance of
Julie Wolf
Kelly Bolterstein

Video Series Production Credits

Primary Sources is a production of WGBH Educational Foundation for Annenberg Media.

Executive Producer
Michele Korf

Project Director
Christine Herbes-Sommers

Associate Director, Educational Programming
Denise Blumenthal


Jonathan Chu
University of Massachusetts Boston

Evelynn Hammonds
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Pauline Maier
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Louis P. Masur
City College of New York


Larry David
Lexington High School

Matthew DeBoer
Chartiers Valley High School

Cheryl Maloney
Weston High School

Tammie McDaniel
Neville High School

Edward Morrison
Dover-Sherborn Regional High School

Ronald Morrison
Dorchester High School

Yvonne Powell
Jeremiah E. Burke High School

Eugenia Rolla
Framingham High School

Steven Seto
Snowden International School

Carol Siriani
Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School

Sandra Stuppard
Boston Latin School

Andrew Sullivan
Boston College High School

Ronald G. Adams

Curriculum Developer
Tamara Berman

Project Advisors
Jonathan Chu
James Dougherty
Anna Roelofs

Taped on location at
Pine Manor College
Chestnut Hill, Mass.

Ann Peck

Fred Barzyk

Maureen Barden
Karen Silverstein

Production Assistant
Michael Rossi

Special Project Assistant
Kim Swensen

Mary Ellen Whitaker

Archival Research
Diane Bernard
Anna Clark
Nicolette Stavrovsky

Jay Fialkov
Maureen Jordan

Audio Mix
John Jenkins

Samual Ameen
Bill Charette
Larry LeCain

Chris Bresnahan

Boom Operators
Charlie Collias
José Leon
John Levy

Patrick Gaynard

Location Assistant
Nathan Gunner

Phoebe Ramler

Title Design
Daryl Myers

Gaye Korbet
Alisa Placas

Special thanks to
National Council for the Social Studies

Production Manager
Mary Ellen Gardiner

Unit Manager
Kimberley Langley

Office Coordinators
Justin Brown
Ivy Moylan
Laurie Wolf

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