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Workshop 5: Lectures & Activities

Activity Three:
Final Thoughts on the Events of 1893

Watch Lecture Three. Use the questions to guide your reflection. Facillitator's Note

Consider These Questions


Alongside the flowering of American knowledge and invention in 1893, there is a financial and underlying social panic. As you reflect on this workshop, what events of 1893 do you feel had the strongest impact on America's future? Why?


What are your final thoughts on the events of 1893?

Image of Jonathan Chu

"There is an interesting thing that happens also in 1893; that just at the very moment in which Chicago is celebrating itself, at the very moment in which we now have the distribution of cheap, relatively wholesome food setting the stage for a real increase that would take place in the standard of living, there is also a marked contrast. There is a panic in 1893, arguably the worst economic disaster in the United States in its history, including the Great Depression."
— Jonathan Chu

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