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Primary Sources - Workshop in American History Workshop 6 - The Census: Who We Think We Arehomesitemap
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Workshop 6: Lectures & Activities

Activity Three:
Final Thoughts on the Census

Watch Lecture Three. What are your final thoughts on the census and its categories? Use the questions to guide your reflection.

Consider These Questions


Are the census categories, particularly those relating to race and ethnicity, useful? Why or why not?


Does the census ask the right questions? If not, what other questions should it ask?

Image of  Evelynn Hammonds

"... I think the final question that we might be left with is, does the census, in fact, ask the right questions?... Does it ask the right questions to allow historians or policy makers or any of us to really understand the experience of Americans and their needs at this point in our history? "
— Evelynn Hammonds

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