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Primary Sources - Workshop in American History Workshop 6 - The Census: Who We Think We Arehomesitemap
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Workshop 6: Lectures & Activities

Activity Two:
What Resources Are Needed in a Community?

Use the General Population and Housing Characteristics report for the Cleveland-Akron-Lorain, Ohio, area to simulate a community-needs assessment. Identify three government-funded initiatives that would be most helpful in this community and write a short explanation of your reasoning when choosing each initiative. Focus on different populations in the community using factors such as sex, race, age, and immigrant/later generation. Also, try to identify information that the census report does not include that otherwise could prove valuable in this process.
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Note: This activity has two sets of questions: those that relate to specific documents and appear on each document page and the more general, "big picture" question listed below. You may begin with general or specific questions depending upon your preference.

Consider This Question As You Study the Document


On the basis of the census data, what resources are most needed in Cleveland-Akron-Lorain?

Image of  a Census Form

"The federal government uses census numbers to allocate over $100 billion in federal funds for community services, including education programs, housing and community development, where to put fire departments, health care services, job training, et cetera. "
— Evelynn Hammonds

  Primary Sources: Documents

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image of a generic historical documentGeneral Population and Housing Characteristics: 1990 -- Cleveland-Akron-Lorain, OH

This report provides statistical data gathered by the census about the Cleveland-Akron-Lorain, Ohio, communities.

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