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Zevey Steinitz

Grade: 3–4

Location: Cambridge, MA

Setting: Urban

Years Teaching: 6

What are your biggest challenges in teaching?

Besides money and not getting the resources that I think children deserve, it's a challenge to try to do everything. We have to teach all kinds of skills, all kinds of subjects. We have to teach across the curriculum, and we have to constantly be exciting. It's also a challenge being a teacher because we have a lot of people demanding different things of our time. We need to creatively figure out how to fit everything into the time we have. There are so many challenges that it's hard to know where to start and what to say first.

What's your biggest challenge in teaching science?

My biggest challenge in teaching science is that I like to teach things that I'm passionate about, but to which I don't necessarily know the answers. So I am constantly looking for resources, finding posters, finding people who are experts in different areas. And I think it's a challenge to find those people and get them interested in helping out.

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