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Stuart Lui

Grade: K

Location: Boston, MA

Setting: Urban

Years Teaching: 7

How do you decide what to teach?

Part of what I decide to teach comes from the kids. I think one of the reasons I like being a kindergarten teacher is that I have a little more flexibility in terms of what I can do with the kids. In the upper grades you have more structure—more things that are required and more things that have to get done. As a kindergarten teacher, if something happens in the classroom, I can run with it!

How do you bring the community into the classroom?

Building bridges between the school and the community, especially building bridges between the family and the school, is vital to education. I believe that teaching and education is not just up to me. It is not solely my job, and it is not solely the job of the school. It is also the job of the community and families. I tell parents outright the first time that I can't do this job alone. It's a job that needs a team.

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