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Teacher as Travel Agent


Franklin Wolf,
Travel Agent

STA Travel
Cambridge, MA

"I usually will ask them [the customer] what they like, generally speaking. Then I just start narrowing it down by climate. That's usually the easiest way. Do they want to go where it's rainy? Do they want to go where it's sunny? … I find a lot of first time travelers [say], … tries I want to visit.' And then what I try to do is advise them that Rome wasn't built in a day. It gets pretty stressful when I have a client who is very demanding, and what's set in their head is not feasible."

"I just like that person who's on their first trip, and they're going somewhere and I've been there. And I can say, 'Oh, well, don't do the main touristy things.' I like to sort of lead people away from the main stream … I like to uncover hidden gems, if you will. And I like it when they come back and say, 'It was great. Thanks for the suggestion.'"

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"A travel agent helps you figure out where you want to go — doesn't tell you where you should go, but helps you discover where you might want to go, what you might want to do, and why it would be interesting. Why it would be exciting. Why it might be fun or joyful"

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