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Teacher as Sailor


Irene Choi,

Community Boating, Inc.
Boston, MA

"Sometimes when we go out sailing, you think you're going to reach a certain island. You prepare to go out … and you find they don't have a dock. The dock is not there. So what's the next plan? … You have to have an alternative plan. So the next plan is to pull up the anchor. Then all of sudden there's an undercurrent."

"I know last year we went out and we had anchored, the boat kept spinning and spinning. We just couldn't understand what was going on. We couldn't go to shore because the boat kept spinning. We had to ditch that plan. Then we thought we'd tie to another boat that was anchored there. But then the park ranger said, 'No, you can't do that.' … Well, I guess we'll go to another island!"

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"The teacher is like a sailor. … I'm a small boat sailor myself … and I really think small boats are … exciting because you can get wet. You might tip over. And I think teachers are very much like sailors in small boats because sailors need to be responsive. And I think that's what a good sailor and a good teacher need to do."

Teacher on the Street


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