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Teacher as Athletic Coach


Ken Macha,

Pawtucket Red Sox
Pawtucket, RI

"F ans of the Pawtucket Red Sox [believe] it's my job to have the Pawtucket Red Sox win every game. But actually my job is to have these players get better, so that when they do make the step up to Boston and the major leagues — to help the Boston Red Sox win games. So I am more concerned about them becoming better players both physically and mentally so they're prepared to go up and bring a world championship to the Boston Red Sox. …

I have 23 different players on this team, and my relationship with the 23 different players is probably 23 different relationships. I try to assess each player, their personality, what makes them tick, what goes through their brains. My job is to have them be motivated to come out here and work and prove themselves."

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"I believe a teacher is a coach. We're cultivating a team to prepare for an outcome. We have clear expectations. We practice. We learn from each other. We bounce ideas off of each other."

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